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About The Dragons

SmoothDragons were discovered by one bold adventurer exploring the floating land in the clouds. Each dragon varies in size, some are small enough to accompany you on your shoulder while others are large enough to ride. 10,000 dragons exists in the clouds, programmatically generated; traits include body, crown, jewelry, and more. Would you like to own a dragon? Soon you will become a dragon master and discover their uniqueness as well.

The dragons live in the clouds of the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. Mint price is 0.08 ETH

Why SmoothDragons NFTs?

SmoothDragons aim to build a strong NFT community that has a passion of moving this project forward. A first grade teacher drew each trait. So, a portion of this project’s earnings will be dedicated to current and aspiring teachers. When you mint a dragon, you become a dragon master which grants you access to exclusive benefits, perks, and offerings that increase over time.

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